19Th Century Wedding Dresses: A Beautiful Blast From The Past

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The 19th century was an era of elegance and refinement, and this was reflected in the fashion of the day. Wedding dresses during this time were particularly stunning, with intricate details and exquisite designs that are still inspiring bridal fashion today.

The History of 19th Century Wedding Dresses

During the early 1800s, brides wore dresses that were modeled after the popular Empire style, which featured high waistlines and flowing skirts. As the century progressed, Victorian influences began to take hold, and dresses became more elaborate and ornate. Lace, tulle, and silk were the fabrics of choice, and dresses were often adorned with elegant beading, embroidery, and lace details. Sleeves were long and often featured lace or sheer fabric, while necklines were high and modest.

The Different Styles of 19th Century Wedding Dresses

One of the most iconic styles of the 19th century was the ball gown, which featured a full skirt and a fitted bodice. This style was often paired with long gloves and a delicate veil, creating a look that was both timeless and sophisticated. Another popular style was the mermaid dress, which hugged the curves of the body and flared out at the bottom. This style was perfect for brides who wanted to show off their figure and create a dramatic, eye-catching look. For brides who preferred a more modest style, there was the tea-length dress, which featured a hemline that fell just below the knee. This style was often paired with a simple, elegant veil and delicate accessories.

How to Incorporate 19th Century Style into Your Wedding Look

If you’re inspired by the elegance and sophistication of 19th century wedding dresses, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this style into your own wedding look. Consider choosing a dress with intricate lace or beading details, or opt for a ball gown style with a full skirt and fitted bodice. You can also add Victorian-inspired accessories, such as long gloves, a delicate fan, or a vintage parasol. For your hair and makeup, consider soft curls, a simple updo, or a bold red lip for a touch of old-fashioned glamour.

Where to Find 19th Century Wedding Dresses Today

While it may be difficult to find authentic 19th century wedding dresses, there are plenty of designers who create modern interpretations of this classic style. Look for designers who specialize in vintage-inspired bridal fashion, or consider working with a seamstress to create a custom dress that incorporates elements of 19th century style.


19th century wedding dresses are a beautiful reminder of a bygone era, and they continue to inspire bridal fashion to this day. Whether you’re a fan of the elaborate ball gown style or prefer something more simple and understated, incorporating elements of 19th century style into your wedding look is a great way to add a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication.


What colors were popular for wedding dresses in the 19th century?

White was the most popular color for wedding dresses during the 19th century, although pastel shades such as pink and blue were also sometimes used.

What kinds of accessories were popular with 19th century wedding dresses?

Long gloves, delicate fans, and vintage parasols were all popular accessories for 19th century brides. Veils were also commonly worn, as were small floral wreaths or tiaras.

What kind of fabric was used for 19th century wedding dresses?

Lace, tulle, and silk were the most popular fabrics for 19th century wedding dresses. These fabrics were often adorned with intricate beading, embroidery, or lace details to create a stunning, eye-catching look.