The Joyful 90S Wedding Dress Styles

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Weddings are always a cause for celebration, and every bride wants to look her best on her big day. The 90s was an era of bold fashion statements, and wedding dresses were no exception. From puffy sleeves to lace details, 90s wedding dress styles were all about making a statement. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular 90s wedding dress styles and give tips on how to incorporate them into your modern wedding.

The Classic Princess Gown

One of the most iconic 90s wedding dress styles was the classic princess gown. This style featured a full skirt, a fitted bodice, and a sweetheart neckline. The skirt was often made of tulle or organza, and the bodice was adorned with lace or beading. This style was perfect for brides who wanted to feel like royalty on their big day.


To modernize this style, opt for a lighter fabric for the skirt and choose a sleeker bodice. A fuller skirt can still be achieved with layers of tulle or organza, but a simpler bodice will give the dress a more contemporary feel.

The Slip Dress

Another 90s wedding dress style that has made a comeback in recent years is the slip dress. This style was popularized by celebrities like Kate Moss and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, who wore simple, elegant slip dresses on their wedding days. The slip dress is characterized by its minimalistic design, with a simple silhouette and little to no embellishments.


To make this style wedding-worthy, choose a slip dress with a longer hemline and add some delicate lace or beading around the neckline or hem. A slip dress can also be paired with a statement accessory, like a bold necklace or earrings, to add some extra glamour to the look.

The Puffy Sleeve

The 90s were all about excess, and the puffy sleeve was no exception. This style featured sleeves that were voluminous and often adorned with lace or ruffles. The puffy sleeve was a bold statement that added drama and romance to any wedding dress.


To incorporate this style into a modern wedding dress, opt for a more subtle version of the puffy sleeve. A small ruffle or a bit of volume at the shoulder can add a touch of romance without overwhelming the overall design of the dress.

The High-Low Hemline

The high-low hemline was a popular 90s wedding dress style that featured a shorter hemline in the front and a longer hemline in the back. This style was perfect for brides who wanted to show off their shoes while still having the elegance of a longer train.


To update this style for a modern wedding, choose a dress with a more subtle difference in hemline length. A dress with a slight high-low hemline can add some interest to the design without looking too dated.

The Conclusion

The 90s were a decade of excess and bold fashion statements, and wedding dresses were no exception. From princess gowns to slip dresses, the 90s offered a wide range of wedding dress styles that are still popular today. By incorporating these styles into modern designs, brides can add a touch of nostalgia to their wedding day while still looking chic and sophisticated.


What are some other popular 90s wedding dress styles?

Other popular 90s wedding dress styles include the ballgown, the sheath dress, and the off-the-shoulder neckline.

Can 90s wedding dress styles be worn by brides of all body types?

Yes! 90s wedding dress styles are versatile and can be tailored to suit any body type. By working with a skilled seamstress, brides can ensure that their dress fits them perfectly and flatters their figure.

What accessories pair well with 90s wedding dress styles?

90s wedding dress styles pair well with statement accessories like bold necklaces or earrings. A simple veil or hair accessory can also add some extra glamour to the look.