The Joyful Wedding Of Barbra Streisand And James Brolin

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Has it really been 22 years since our blind date jamesbrolin


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two decades since the wedding of Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. The couple tied the knot on July 1, 1998, in an intimate ceremony at Streisand’s Malibu estate. The wedding was a star-studded affair, with guests including Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey. Streisand and Brolin have been happily married ever since, and their love story is one of the most enduring in Hollywood.

The Love Story of Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

Streisand and Brolin first met in 1996, when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Brolin, who was already a successful actor, was immediately drawn to Streisand’s talent and beauty. Streisand, who had been married twice before, was hesitant to jump into another relationship, but she couldn’t resist Brolin’s charm. Over the next two years, the couple fell deeply in love, and Brolin proposed to Streisand on a romantic trip to Hawaii. Streisand was overjoyed, and the couple began planning their dream wedding.

The Wedding

Streisand and Brolin’s wedding was a private affair, with only 50 guests in attendance. The couple exchanged vows under a chuppah, a traditional Jewish wedding canopy, that was decorated with white roses and lilies. Streisand wore a simple, yet elegant, ivory gown, and Brolin looked dashing in a black tuxedo. After the ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed a reception that featured a live band, dancing, and a delicious dinner. The wedding cake was a four-tiered creation that was decorated with fresh flowers.

The Marriage

Streisand and Brolin’s marriage has been one of the most enduring in Hollywood. The couple has been together for over 20 years, and they are still deeply in love. They have faced their share of challenges, including health issues and family drama, but they have always supported each other through thick and thin. In an interview with People magazine, Brolin said that the secret to their happy marriage is communication. “We talk about everything,” he said. “We don’t hold anything back. We’re best friends.”

In Conclusion

The wedding of Barbra Streisand and James Brolin was a beautiful celebration of love. The couple’s enduring marriage is a testament to the power of true love and the importance of communication and support in a relationship.


When did Barbra Streisand and James Brolin get married?

Streisand and Brolin got married on July 1, 1998.

Where was the wedding held?

The wedding was held at Streisand’s Malibu estate.

How many guests were in attendance?

Only 50 guests were in attendance at the wedding.

What did Streisand wear to the wedding?

Streisand wore a simple ivory gown to the wedding.

What is the secret to Streisand and Brolin’s happy marriage?

According to Brolin, the secret to their happy marriage is communication and being best friends.