Beach Wedding Dresses For Guests: A Guide To Looking Fabulous

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Are you invited to a beach wedding and wondering what to wear? Look no further! Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect beach wedding dress that will make you feel comfortable and look fabulous.

1. Consider the Wedding Theme

The first thing to consider when choosing a beach wedding dress is the wedding theme. Is it a formal affair or a casual beach wedding? Knowing the theme will give you an idea of what type of dress to wear. For a formal beach wedding, opt for an elegant long dress, while a casual beach wedding calls for a shorter, flowy dress.

2. Choose Lightweight Fabrics

The beach can get hot and humid, so it’s essential to choose lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool. Cotton, linen, and chiffon are perfect choices for beach wedding dresses. They are breathable and won’t cling to your body, allowing you to move around comfortably.

3. Opt for Bright Colors or Prints

A beach wedding is an opportunity to wear bright colors or prints that you might not wear to a traditional wedding. Think about the ocean and the beach, and choose colors that complement the surroundings. Bright yellows, pinks, and blues are perfect for a beach wedding. Alternatively, you can choose a dress with a tropical print to match the beachy vibe.

4. Don’t Forget About the Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and the same goes for beach wedding dresses. Choose accessories that complement your dress and the beachy vibe. A pair of sandals or wedges is perfect for a beach wedding. You can also add a hat or a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

5. Keep It Simple

When it comes to beach wedding dresses, less is more. Don’t overdo it with too many accessories or a complicated dress. Keep it simple and elegant, and let the beach be the star of the show.

6. Dress for the Weather

The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to dress for the occasion. If the wedding is in the evening, the temperature may drop, so bring a shawl or a light jacket to keep yourself warm. If the wedding is during the day, make sure to wear sunscreen and bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

7. Have Fun with Your Outfit

Last but not least, have fun with your outfit! A beach wedding is a chance to let loose and have fun with your fashion choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, prints, and accessories. Just make sure to keep it appropriate for the occasion.


Now that you know how to choose the perfect beach wedding dress, you can confidently attend any beach wedding and look fabulous. Remember to keep it simple, dress for the weather, and have fun with your outfit.


Q: Can I wear a maxi dress to a beach wedding?

A: Yes, a maxi dress is a great option for a formal beach wedding. Just make sure to choose a lightweight fabric and a simple design that won’t overwhelm the beachy surroundings.

Q: Are flip flops appropriate for a beach wedding?

A: Flip flops may be a bit too casual for a beach wedding, but a pair of sandals or wedges is a perfect choice. Make sure to choose a pair that you can walk comfortably in on the sand.

Q: Can I wear black to a beach wedding?

A: While black is usually associated with formal events, it may not be the best choice for a beach wedding. Opt for brighter colors that complement the beachy surroundings.