Bridesmaid Duties On The Wedding Day: A Complete Guide

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As a bridesmaid, you play an important role on the wedding day. You’re not just there to look pretty and pose for photos. You have a variety of duties to help the bride have the perfect day. Here’s a complete guide to bridesmaid duties on the wedding day.

Getting Ready

One of the first things you’ll do on the wedding day is get ready with the bride. This means waking up early, doing your hair and makeup, and helping the bride get into her dress. You’ll also be responsible for making sure the bride has everything she needs, such as water, snacks, and touch-up tools.


– Bring a bag of emergency items, such as safety pins, bobby pins, and extra makeup. – Be patient and calm. The bride may be nervous or stressed out, so it’s important to be a calming presence.

Assisting the Bride

Throughout the day, you’ll be there to assist the bride with anything she needs. This might mean helping her use the restroom, holding her bouquet during the ceremony, or bustling her dress after the ceremony. You’ll also be responsible for keeping an eye on the bride’s belongings, such as her phone and purse.


– Stay aware of the bride’s needs. If she looks like she needs a break or a drink of water, offer to help. – Keep a small bag with you to hold the bride’s belongings.


As a bridesmaid, you’ll be in many of the wedding photos. It’s important to be on time for the photos and to cooperate with the photographer. You’ll also need to help the bride pose for photos, adjust her dress, and hold her bouquet.


– Practice your smile in the mirror before the wedding day. – Be patient during the photo sessions. It can be a long and tiring process.


During the reception, you’ll be expected to dance with the groomsmen and other guests, help the bride with any wardrobe changes, and keep an eye on the bride’s hair and makeup. You may also be asked to give a toast or speech.


– Bring comfortable shoes to change into for the reception. – Have fun and let loose on the dance floor!


After the reception, you’ll be responsible for helping clean up the wedding venue. This means packing up decorations, loading gifts into cars, and making sure everything is tidy.


– Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the clean-up process. – Work together as a team with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Being a bridesmaid is an important and rewarding role. By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be able to help the bride have the perfect wedding day.


What should I wear as a bridesmaid?

The bride will typically choose a dress or outfit for the bridesmaids to wear. Make sure to follow the bride’s instructions and wear appropriate shoes and accessories.

What if I can’t afford the bridesmaid dress?

Talk to the bride and explain your financial situation. She may be willing to choose a more affordable dress or help you cover the cost.

What if I have other obligations on the wedding day?

It’s important to prioritize the wedding day and make sure you’re available for all of the bridesmaid duties. If you have a conflict, talk to the bride as soon as possible to see if arrangements can be made.