Create Festive And Colorful Christmas Nails In Red And Green

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White Christmas Nails w/ Red and Green powder SPARKLE christmas nails

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is fast approaching. You’re probably busy searching for the perfect gifts, decorating the tree, and making other preparations. But, don’t forget one of the most fun and festive parts of the season – your Christmas nails!

Christmas nails are a great way to show off your holiday spirit. Whether you prefer a more subtle look, or something bold and flashy, you can easily find a design that will be perfect for you. And what better way to spread some Christmas cheer than with a pair of beautiful red and green nails?

1. Start with a Base Coat

The first step to creating your Christmas nails is to apply a base coat. This will help the polish adhere to your nails better and last longer. If you’re using a darker shade of red or green, it’s also a good idea to use a white base coat. This will help the color stand out and look more vibrant.

2. Apply the Color

Once the base coat is dry, you can start applying the color. A good way to create a festive look is to alternate between the two colors. Start with a red nail, then a green one, then another red, and so on. Alternatively, you could also use a brush to create stripes or other patterns.

3. Add a Top Coat

After you’ve finished applying the color, it’s time to add a top coat. This will help your nails stay looking beautiful for longer. Make sure to let the top coat dry completely before you start moving your fingers.

4. Get Creative with Accessories

Now comes the fun part – adding accessories! You can use rhinestones, glitter, or even little bows to give your nails a festive look. You could also use a nail art pen or striping tape to create more intricate designs. Get creative and have fun with it!

5. Seal the Look

Once you’ve finished adding the accessories, it’s time to seal the look. Use a clear top coat to protect your design and make sure it lasts throughout the season. Make sure to let it dry completely before you start using your hands again.

6. Show off Your Christmas Nails!

Now that your Christmas nails are all done, it’s time to show them off! Wear them to your holiday parties, to the mall, or just around the house. You’ll be sure to spread some Christmas cheer wherever you go!


Christmas nails are a fun and festive way to show off your holiday spirit. With a few simple steps, you can easily create beautiful red and green nails that will be perfect for the season. So, grab some nail polish and get creative. You’ll be sure to turn heads with your festive Christmas nails!