Fall Wedding Centerpieces Diy: Tips And Ideas

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Fall weddings are always stunning with its warm and cozy atmosphere. One of the essential components of a wedding decor is centerpieces. It sets the tone and mood of the whole event. If you’re looking to create fall wedding centerpieces DIY-style, we’ve got some tips and ideas for you.

Tips for DIY Fall Wedding Centerpieces

1. Embrace the season – Take inspiration from fall colors and elements such as leaves, pumpkins, and berries. 2. Keep it simple – Don’t overcrowd your centerpiece with too many elements. Stick to a few key components that complement each other. 3. Experiment with textures – Mix and match different textures such as wood, burlap, and velvet for a rustic and cozy feel. 4. Consider the height – Vary the height of your centerpiece by using different sized vases or candle holders. 5. Get creative with lighting – Incorporate candles or string lights for a romantic and warm ambiance.

Ideas for DIY Fall Wedding Centerpieces

1. Pumpkin flower vase – Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a vase for fall flowers such as sunflowers, mums, or dahlias. 2. Rustic candle centerpiece – Arrange candles of different heights on a wooden tray or a bed of leaves and berries. 3. Foliage runner – Create a centerpiece by arranging different types of foliage such as eucalyptus and ferns down the center of the table. 4. Apple candle holders – Cut out the top of an apple and place a candle in it for a cozy and unexpected centerpiece. 5. Harvest basket – Fill a basket with fall fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes and add some fall foliage for a rustic centerpiece.


Creating your fall wedding centerpieces DIY-style can be a fun and creative process. Use the season as your inspiration and experiment with different textures and elements to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Keep it simple by not overcrowding your centerpiece and vary the height to add visual interest. With these tips and ideas, you’ll have a stunning centerpiece that your guests will love.


What are some fall wedding colors to consider for centerpieces?

Some fall wedding colors to consider for centerpieces are burgundy, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and deep red.

What are some inexpensive fall wedding centerpiece ideas?

Some inexpensive fall wedding centerpiece ideas are using pumpkins, candles, fall foliage, and apples.

Can I mix and match different textures for my fall wedding centerpiece?

Yes, mixing and matching different textures such as wood, burlap, and velvet can add visual interest and create a cozy and warm atmosphere for your fall wedding centerpiece.