Garden Wedding Attire For Men

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Garden weddings are one of the most beautiful and romantic settings for a wedding ceremony. With lush greenery, blooming flowers, and the fresh air, it’s the perfect place to say “I do”. But when it comes to dressing for a garden wedding, many men get confused. The last thing you want is to look out of place or uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help you dress for a garden wedding.

1. Choose Light Fabrics

Garden weddings are usually held during the warmer months, so it’s important to choose light fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable. Linen, cotton, and seersucker are great options. They are breathable and lightweight, which means you won’t feel overheated during the ceremony.

2. Opt for Light Colors

When it comes to garden weddings, lighter colors are always a good choice. They complement the natural surroundings and create a fresh and relaxed look. Pastel shades like light blue, pink, and yellow are great choices. You can also choose a neutral color like beige or gray.

3. Choose the Right Shoes

It’s important to choose the right shoes that are comfortable and suitable for the garden setting. You don’t want to wear dress shoes that will sink into the grass. Instead, opt for loafers, boat shoes, or sandals. They are comfortable and stylish and will work well with your outfit.

4. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can add a touch of personality to your outfit, but you don’t want to overdo it. A simple watch, a pocket square, or a tie can add a nice touch to your outfit. Sunglasses are also a good accessory, especially if the ceremony is during the day.

5. Dress Up or Dress Down

Depending on the wedding dress code, you can either dress up or dress down. If it’s a more formal garden wedding, you can wear a suit or a blazer with dress pants. If it’s a more casual wedding, you can wear khakis or chinos with a button-down shirt. Make sure to check with the couple or the wedding planner for the dress code.

6. Don’t Forget the Weather

Weather can be unpredictable, especially during outdoor weddings. Make sure to check the weather forecast before choosing your outfit. If there’s a chance of rain, bring an umbrella or a rain jacket. If it’s going to be hot, wear lighter fabrics and bring a handkerchief to wipe away sweat.

7. Be Confident

The most important thing when it comes to dressing for a garden wedding is to be confident. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you feel good, you look good. Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your outfit.


Dressing for a garden wedding can be a little tricky, but with these tips, you can create the perfect outfit that’s comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the occasion. Remember to choose light fabrics, opt for light colors, choose the right shoes, accessorize wisely, dress up or dress down, don’t forget the weather, and be confident.


What should men wear to a garden wedding?

Men should wear light fabrics, light colors, and comfortable shoes. They can dress up or dress down depending on the dress code, and accessorize wisely. It’s also important to consider the weather.

Can men wear shorts to a garden wedding?

It depends on the dress code and the formality of the wedding. If it’s a casual wedding, men can wear shorts, but if it’s a more formal wedding, they should wear dress pants.

Can men wear sneakers to a garden wedding?

Sneakers are usually not appropriate for a garden wedding. Opt for loafers, boat shoes, or sandals instead.