Hawaii Wave Crashes Wedding: A Joyful Mishap

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'Big wall' of waves crash onto wedding 'The cake luckily made it'


Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking waves. Many couples dream of having their weddings in this paradise. However, a recent video went viral, showing a wedding ceremony being interrupted by a massive wave. The footage captured the moment when the wave crashed on the couple and their guests, soaking them all. Despite the unexpected incident, the couple seemed to take it in stride, and the wedding continued, making it a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Wave

The wave that crashed the wedding was caused by a swell that was predicted to hit the island that day. However, the couple and their guests did not expect it to be so massive. The wave was estimated to be around 15 feet high and caught everyone off guard, including the videographer who was filming the ceremony.

The Bride and Groom’s Reaction

Despite the shock and surprise of the wave crashing their wedding, the bride and groom were seen laughing and smiling in the video. They even continued the ceremony, with the guests laughing and cheering them on. The couple’s positive attitude towards the incident made the video go viral, with many people sharing it on social media and commenting on how beautiful and unique the wedding was.

The Aftermath

After the wedding, the couple and their guests were soaked from head to toe. However, they continued to celebrate and enjoy the rest of the day. The bride and groom even took some stunning pictures in their wet clothes, with the wave crashing in the background. The video of the wedding also gained the attention of many news outlets, making the couple famous for their joyful response to the unexpected incident.

Tips for a Beach Wedding

If you’re planning to have a beach wedding in Hawaii, it’s essential to keep in mind that the weather and waves can be unpredictable. Here are some tips to help you prepare for any unexpected situations: 1. Check the weather forecast and the tide schedule before the wedding. 2. Have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme waves. 3. Choose a location that’s safe and away from strong currents or waves. 4. Warn your guests about the potential risks of having a beach wedding. 5. Stay calm and positive no matter what happens.


The Hawaii wave crashing the wedding may have been an unexpected incident, but it turned out to be a unique and joyful experience for the couple and their guests. It’s essential to keep in mind that anything can happen during a beach wedding, but having a positive attitude and being prepared can make it a memorable and fun event.


Q: Did anyone get hurt during the wave crash? A: No, everyone was safe and unharmed. They all continued to celebrate the wedding after the incident. Q: Was the wedding ruined by the wave crash? A: No, the wedding continued, and the couple and their guests enjoyed the rest of the day. Q: Did the couple regret having a beach wedding? A: No, the couple embraced the unexpected incident and turned it into a unique and joyful experience.