Hawaiian Wedding Attire For Guests: Tips And Ideas For A Fun And Festive Look

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Are you attending a Hawaiian wedding and wondering what to wear? The good news is that Hawaiian wedding attire is all about comfort, color, and fun. Whether you’re a bride, groom, bridesmaid, or guest, there are plenty of options for creating a festive and tropical look that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

The Basics of Hawaiian Wedding Attire

Before we dive into specific outfit ideas, let’s go over the basics of Hawaiian wedding attire. For men, a classic look is a white or colored linen shirt paired with khaki or linen pants. You can also add a lei or floral boutonniere for a touch of island charm. Women have more options, but a popular choice is a sundress or maxi dress in a bright floral print or solid color. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a flower hair clip or lei.

Outfit Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, here are some ideas:

1. A flowy maxi dress in a tropical print, paired with strappy sandals and a clutch.

2. A midi dress in a bold hue, like coral or turquoise, paired with statement earrings and nude heels.

3. A jumpsuit in a vibrant floral print, paired with wedges and a clutch.

4. A knee-length dress in a subtle floral print, paired with strappy sandals and a woven tote bag.

Remember to keep your accessories simple and let your dress be the star of the show.

Outfit Ideas for Men

For men, here are some outfit ideas:

1. A light-colored linen shirt paired with khaki pants and brown leather sandals.

2. A short-sleeve button-down shirt in a bold print, paired with navy chinos and loafers.

3. A Hawaiian shirt in a bright floral print, paired with white shorts and boat shoes.

4. A linen suit in a light color, paired with a white shirt and brown leather dress shoes.

Remember to keep your attire light and breathable, as Hawaiian weddings are often held outdoors in warm weather.


Attending a Hawaiian wedding is a fun and festive experience, and your attire should reflect that. Whether you opt for a classic linen look or a bold floral print, embrace the island spirit and enjoy the celebration. With these tips and ideas, you’re sure to look and feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I avoid wearing to a Hawaiian wedding?

Avoid wearing anything too formal or stuffy, like a black suit or cocktail dress. Also, avoid wearing anything too revealing or beachy, like a swimsuit cover-up or flip flops.

Can I wear a hat to a Hawaiian wedding?

Yes, you can wear a hat, but make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion. A straw hat or fedora can be a stylish addition to a men’s outfit, while a flower crown or wide-brimmed hat can add a fun and festive touch to a women’s outfit.

Can I wear jeans to a Hawaiian wedding?

It’s best to avoid wearing jeans to a Hawaiian wedding, as they can look too casual and out of place. Opt for dressier pants, like khakis or chinos, instead.