Macy's Wedding Rings: A Guide To Finding Your Dream Ring

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Macy's Diamond Triple Design Bridal Ring (2 ct. t.w.) in 14k White Gold

Are you ready to say “I do” and looking for the perfect wedding ring to seal the deal? Look no further than Macy’s. With a wide selection of styles, metals, and stones, Macy’s has something for every bride and groom. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about shopping for Macy’s wedding rings.

Choosing the Right Metal

The first step in finding your dream wedding ring is choosing the right metal. Macy’s offers a variety of metals, including gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Gold is a classic choice and comes in yellow, white, and rose variations. Platinum is a durable, hypoallergenic metal that is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Sterling silver is a more affordable option that still looks beautiful.

Deciding on a Stone

Next, consider what stone you want in your wedding ring. Macy’s offers a variety of stones, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Diamonds are the most popular choice and come in a range of cuts, including round, princess, and cushion. Sapphires and emeralds are becoming more popular for wedding rings and add a pop of color to your ring.

Styles to Consider

Macy’s offers a variety of styles to choose from, including solitaire, halo, and three-stone rings. Solitaire rings feature a single stone, while halo rings have a circle of smaller stones around the center stone. Three-stone rings have three stones, usually with the center stone being larger than the other two.

Getting the Right Fit

Once you’ve chosen your metal, stone, and style, it’s important to get the right fit. Macy’s offers ring sizing to ensure that your ring fits perfectly. It’s also important to consider the width of your ring. A wider band will feel tighter than a thinner band, so keep that in mind when choosing your ring.

Caring for Your Ring

After you’ve said “I do,” it’s important to take care of your wedding ring. Macy’s offers a variety of cleaning and maintenance products to keep your ring looking its best. It’s also important to take your ring off when doing activities that could damage or scratch it, such as cleaning or working out.


Macy’s is the perfect place to find your dream wedding ring. With a wide selection of metals, stones, and styles, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste and budget. Remember to consider the metal, stone, style, fit, and care when shopping for your ring.


What is Macy’s return policy for wedding rings?

Macy’s has a 90-day return policy for wedding rings. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.

Does Macy’s offer financing for wedding rings?

Yes, Macy’s offers financing options for wedding rings. They have a Macy’s Credit Card that offers special financing options, as well as a Macy’s American Express Card that can be used anywhere.

Can I get my wedding ring engraved at Macy’s?

Yes, Macy’s offers engraving services for wedding rings. You can add a personal touch to your ring by engraving your wedding date, initials, or a special message.