Medium Length Hair Updos For Wedding: Tips And Ideas

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30 Captivating Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Weddings are a special occasion that requires a lot of preparation, from choosing the perfect dress to the right hairstyle. If you have medium-length hair, you might be wondering what kind of updo you can wear for the big day. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available that can complement your hair length and style. Here are some tips and ideas for medium length hair updos for weddings.

1. Choose the Right Accessories

Accessories can make a huge difference in your wedding updo. Consider adding a tiara, a headband, or a floral crown to your hair. These can add a touch of elegance and glamour to your look. If you want something more subtle, you can opt for hairpins or a simple clip.

2. Consider Your Hair Texture

The texture of your hair can also affect the type of updo you can wear. If you have straight hair, you can opt for a sleek and polished look. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can consider a loose and messy updo. You can also add some braids or twists to create more texture and volume.

3. Experiment with Different Styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles to find the perfect updo for your wedding. You can try a classic chignon, a messy bun, a half-up half-down style, or a braided updo. You can also mix and match different elements to create your own unique style.

4. Consult with Your Hair Stylist

Your hair stylist can be your best friend when it comes to finding the right updo for your wedding. They can offer you advice and suggestions based on your hair type and personal style. They can also help you create the perfect updo that complements your wedding dress and accessories.

5. Don’t Forget About Hair Care

Before your wedding day, make sure you take care of your hair to ensure it looks its best. This includes washing and conditioning your hair regularly, using a heat protectant when styling, and avoiding excessive heat and chemical treatments that can damage your hair.

6. Practice Your Updo

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice your updo before your wedding day. This will give you a chance to see how it looks and feels, and make any necessary adjustments. You can also take some photos to show your hair stylist so they can recreate the look on your wedding day.

7. Have Fun!

Remember, your wedding day is all about celebrating your love and having fun. Don’t stress too much about your hair, and enjoy the process of finding the perfect updo. With the right attitude and some creativity, you can create a stunning wedding updo that you’ll love.


Medium length hair can be versatile and beautiful, and there are plenty of updos that you can wear for your wedding. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, there’s an updo that can complement your hair and style. With these tips and ideas, you can find the perfect updo that will make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.


Q: Can I wear a veil with a medium length hair updo?
A: Yes, you can wear a veil with a medium length hair updo. Talk to your hair stylist about how to incorporate the veil into your hairstyle. Q: How long does it take to create a medium length hair updo?
A: The time it takes to create a medium length hair updo depends on the style and complexity of the updo. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Q: Do I need to wash my hair before getting a wedding updo?
A: It’s best to wash your hair the day before your wedding updo, so it’s clean but not too slippery. Your hair stylist can also add some texture and volume to your hair if needed.