My Fair Wedding With David Tutera: Bringing Your Dream Wedding To Life

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Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding day. It’s a day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. However, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s where the renowned wedding planner David Tutera comes in. In his show “My Fair Wedding,” Tutera transforms ordinary weddings into extraordinary celebrations that reflect the couple’s personalities and dreams.

Who is David Tutera?

David Tutera is a celebrity event planner, designer, and author. He has been in the wedding industry for over 30 years, and his work has been featured in various magazines, including People and InStyle. Tutera has planned weddings for celebrities like Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, and Matthew McConaughey. He is known for his signature style of combining elegance with simplicity, and his ability to create events that are both beautiful and meaningful.

What is My Fair Wedding?

“My Fair Wedding” is a reality TV show that premiered in 2008 on WE tv. In the show, David Tutera takes over the planning of a couple’s wedding and transforms it into a dream wedding. The show’s tagline is “Your wedding, your way, but with David Tutera’s touch.” The show has a loyal following due to the heartwarming stories of the couples featured and the stunning weddings that Tutera creates.

What Can You Expect from My Fair Wedding?

In every episode of “My Fair Wedding,” David Tutera meets with a couple who is struggling to plan their dream wedding. The couple shares their vision, hopes, and fears with Tutera. He then takes over the planning process and works with his team of experts to create a wedding that exceeds the couple’s expectations. Tutera’s team includes designers, florists, and other wedding professionals who work together to create a cohesive and stunning event. The team takes care of everything from the décor to the catering to the entertainment. The result is a wedding that is both beautiful and personalized to the couple’s tastes.

Why Should You Watch My Fair Wedding?

“My Fair Wedding” is a must-watch for anyone who is planning a wedding or just loves weddings. Tutera’s creativity and attention to detail are inspiring, and his team’s work is breathtaking. The show is also heartwarming, as it showcases the love stories of the couples featured. Watching the couples’ reactions to their dream weddings is a reminder of the power of love and the importance of celebrating it.


“My Fair Wedding” is a show that brings joy and inspiration to its viewers. David Tutera’s talent and passion for wedding planning are evident in every episode. The show highlights the beauty of weddings and the importance of celebrating love. If you’re planning a wedding or just love weddings, “My Fair Wedding” is a show that you shouldn’t miss.

FAQ about My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

What is David Tutera’s style?

David Tutera’s style is a combination of elegance and simplicity. He believes that weddings should reflect the couple’s personalities and dreams.

Does David Tutera plan weddings for non-celebrities?

Yes, David Tutera plans weddings for anyone who wants his services. He has planned weddings for couples of all backgrounds and budgets.

What is the most memorable wedding that David Tutera has planned?

David Tutera has planned many memorable weddings, but one of the most memorable is the wedding of Elton John and David Furnish. The wedding was held at their home in England, and Tutera created a winter wonderland theme that was both beautiful and sophisticated.

Where can I watch My Fair Wedding?

You can watch My Fair Wedding on WE tv or stream it on Amazon Prime Video.