New Years Eve Nail Designs For A Festive Look

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65 Easy New Years Eve Nails Designs and Ideas 2019

As you look ahead to the new year, it’s time to find the perfect nail designs to match your festive look. Whether you’re attending an outdoor party or a virtual one, it’s important to ring in the new year with a sparkle. Here are some of the top nail designs for New Year’s Eve that will make you shine.

Sparkling Glitter

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like a little sparkle. Sparkling glitter is one of the most popular nail designs for the holiday season, and you can customize the look to match your outfit and style. Choose from glittery shades of blue, silver, gold and black, and add a few sparkly gems or crystals to complete the look.

Glittery Ombre

Ombre nails are a great way to add a hint of colour and a lot of sparkle to your New Year’s look. Choose a colour palette of glittery shades and use a sponge to create an ombre effect. You could also add a few gems or crystals to take the look up a notch.

Metallic Minimalism

If you’re looking for a more subtle look for New Year’s Eve, then metallic minimalism is the way to go. Choose a few shades of metallic polishes, like silver, gold and copper, and apply them in a minimalist design. You could also add a few gems or crystals to the design to make it more festive.

Moon and Stars

The night sky is the perfect inspiration for a New Year’s Eve nail design. Create a moon and stars design with a dark base coat and light-coloured stars. You can also add some glitter and gems to give it a festive look.

Confetti Nails

Nothing says “Happy New Year” quite like a confetti-inspired design. Create a multi-coloured design by dotting different shades of nail polish onto a white base coat. You can even add a few sequins or gems to make it even more festive.

Marble Nails

Marble nails are a great way to add a unique and modern touch to your New Year’s Eve look. Choose a few shades of nail polish, like blue, silver and gold, and use a marbling technique to create the look. You can also add some glitter and gems to make it more festive.


No matter what your style, there are plenty of nail designs that are perfect for New Year’s Eve. From glittery ombre to marble nails, there’s something for everyone. So, don’t forget to add a festive touch to your nails this holiday season.