The Joyful Wedding Song Of Paul Stookey

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Paul Stookey* Wedding Song (There Is Love) (1971, Vinyl) Discogs


Weddings are a special occasion that brings people together to celebrate love and commitment. And what better way to celebrate this joyous event than with music? One of the most popular wedding songs, written by Paul Stookey, has been a favorite for many couples over the years. This article will take a closer look at the history and meaning behind the beloved wedding song by Paul Stookey.

The History of the Song

Paul Stookey, a member of the popular group, Peter, Paul and Mary, wrote the wedding song in 1969. The song was titled “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)”, and it quickly became a hit. The song has been played at countless weddings over the years and has been covered by many musicians.

The Meaning Behind the Song

The lyrics of the song talk about the power of love and the importance of commitment. The chorus of the song says, “There is love, there is love. The lasting kind.” This line emphasizes the importance of love that lasts forever. The song also talks about the importance of family and friends in supporting the couple’s commitment to each other.

Why the Song is Popular

There are many reasons why the wedding song by Paul Stookey is so popular. First, the lyrics of the song are very meaningful and touch upon the emotions that many couples feel on their wedding day. Second, the melody of the song is beautiful and catchy. It is easy to sing along to and creates a joyful atmosphere. Finally, the song has a timeless quality that has made it a favorite for many generations.

How to Incorporate the Song into Your Wedding

If you are planning on using “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” by Paul Stookey in your wedding, there are many ways to incorporate it into your ceremony. You can have a live band or DJ play the song during the ceremony or during the reception. You can also have a soloist or choir sing the song during the ceremony. No matter how you choose to use the song, it is sure to create a memorable moment for you and your guests.


In conclusion, the wedding song by Paul Stookey is a beautiful and timeless tribute to love and commitment. The song has been a favorite for many generations and will continue to be played at weddings in the years to come.


Q: Is “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” by Paul Stookey a religious song?

A: The song has been used in both religious and secular ceremonies. The lyrics of the song do not specifically mention any religious beliefs but focus on the power of love and commitment.

Q: Can I use “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” as my first dance song?

A: Absolutely! The song can be used for any special moment during your wedding, including the first dance.

Q: How can I find a musician to perform “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” at my wedding?

A: You can search for local musicians or bands in your area who can perform the song live. You can also ask your DJ if they have the song in their playlist.