Saved By The Bell Las Vegas Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

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Saved by the Bell was a popular TV show that aired from 1989 to 1993, but the love for the show still lives on. In 2020, a reboot of the show was released on Peacock, and it was a hit among fans of the original series. One of the most exciting moments of the new show was when two of the original characters, Zack and Kelly, got married in Las Vegas. If you’re a fan of Saved by the Bell and you’re planning a Las Vegas wedding, this article is for you. Read on to discover all you need to know about a Saved by the Bell Las Vegas wedding.

The Venue

If you’re dreaming of a Saved by the Bell-inspired wedding, the perfect venue for you is the Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas. This iconic chapel is where Zack and Kelly tied the knot, and you can do the same. The chapel offers a range of wedding packages to suit all budgets, and you can even choose to have an Elvis impersonator officiate your ceremony.

The Dress

If you want to channel Kelly’s style on your big day, a lace, off-the-shoulder gown is the perfect choice. Kelly wore a similar dress in the show, and it’s a classic, timeless style that will never go out of fashion. If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, you might want to opt for a shorter dress or even a jumpsuit for a more casual, laid-back vibe.

The Hair and Makeup

Kelly’s signature hairstyle was a high ponytail with a scrunchie, and it’s a fun, playful look that would be perfect for a Las Vegas wedding. Pair it with bold, ’90s-inspired makeup, such as dark lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow, for an authentic Saved by the Bell vibe.

The Decorations

To recreate the look of Zack and Kelly’s wedding, you’ll want to incorporate plenty of pink and white decorations. Balloons, flowers, and streamers in these colors will create a fun, festive atmosphere. You could even add some ’90s-inspired touches, such as cassette tapes and neon signs, to really bring the Saved by the Bell theme to life.

The Music

No Saved by the Bell wedding would be complete without some classic ’90s tunes. Create a playlist featuring hits from the show’s era, such as “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet Boys, to get your guests in the mood to party.

The Food and Beverages

For a fun, retro touch, serve classic ’90s snacks and drinks at your reception. Offer guests treats like Dunkaroos, Pop Rocks, and Fruit by the Foot, and serve drinks like Zima and Surge to really transport your guests back in time.


A Saved by the Bell Las Vegas wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your love for the show and each other. By following these tips, you can create a fun, playful wedding that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.


What is the Chapel of the Bells?

The Chapel of the Bells is an iconic wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It’s where Zack and Kelly got married in the Saved by the Bell reboot.

Can I have an Elvis impersonator officiate my Saved by the Bell wedding?

Yes! The Chapel of the Bells offers the option to have an Elvis impersonator officiate your ceremony.

What kind of dress should I wear for a Saved by the Bell wedding?

To channel Kelly’s style, opt for a lace, off-the-shoulder gown. For a more casual vibe, consider a shorter dress or jumpsuit.

What kind of decorations should I use for a Saved by the Bell wedding?

Incorporate plenty of pink and white decorations, such as balloons, flowers, and streamers, to create a festive atmosphere. Consider adding ’90s-inspired touches like cassette tapes and neon signs.