Veils For Wedding Dresses: The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to bridal fashion, nothing screams tradition quite like a beautiful veil. Veils have been a staple in wedding attire for centuries, and it’s no surprise why – they are a classic accessory that can add elegance, drama, and romance to any bridal look. If you’re in the market for a veil for your wedding dress, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect veil for your big day.

Types of Veils

Veils come in many different styles, lengths, and materials. Here are some of the most popular types of veils: – Cathedral: A long, dramatic veil that extends past the train of your wedding dress. – Chapel: A more moderate version of the cathedral veil, usually reaching to the floor or just below. – Fingertip: A shorter veil that falls to your fingertips when your arms are at your sides. – Birdcage: A vintage-inspired veil that covers just your face. – Blusher: A shorter veil that covers your face during the ceremony and is then lifted back.

Choosing the Right Veil for Your Dress

When choosing a veil, it’s important to consider the style of your wedding dress. A heavily embellished dress may call for a simpler veil, while a simple dress may benefit from a more elaborate veil. You’ll also want to consider the length of your dress – a cathedral veil may overwhelm a short dress, while a birdcage veil may not have enough impact with a long dress. Finally, consider the overall feel of your wedding – a formal, traditional wedding may call for a longer, more dramatic veil, while a casual beach wedding may be better suited to a shorter, more relaxed veil.

Veil Materials

Veils can be made from a variety of materials, including tulle, lace, and silk. Tulle is the most common material for veils, as it is lightweight and easy to work with. Lace veils are a popular choice for vintage-inspired weddings, while silk veils can add a touch of luxury to any bridal look.

Veil Accessories

In addition to the veil itself, there are a few accessories you may want to consider. A veil comb or clip will help keep your veil in place, while a tiara or headband can add some extra sparkle to your bridal look.

Veil Alternatives

If a traditional veil isn’t your style, don’t worry – there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Flower crowns, fascinators, and hair accessories can all add some extra flair to your wedding day look.


Whether you’re going for a classic, traditional look or something more modern and unique, there’s a veil out there for every bride. Consider the style of your dress, the length of your ceremony, and the overall feel of your wedding when choosing the perfect veil for your big day.


What length veil should I choose?

The length of your veil depends on the style of your wedding dress and the overall feel of your wedding. A more formal wedding may call for a longer, more dramatic veil, while a more relaxed wedding may benefit from a shorter, simpler veil.

How do I keep my veil in place?

A veil comb or clip can help keep your veil in place, especially if you have shorter hair. If you have longer hair, you may want to consider a tiara or headband to help keep your veil secure.

Can I wear a veil with a non-traditional dress?

Absolutely! While veils are traditionally worn with more formal, traditional dresses, they can also add a touch of elegance to a more modern or non-traditional dress. Consider the overall feel of your wedding when choosing a veil for a non-traditional dress.