Wedding Casual Dress For Men: Tips And Ideas

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Are you attending a wedding soon but unsure of what to wear? The dress code can be tricky, especially when it says “casual.” You don’t want to show up overdressed or underdressed. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some tips and ideas for wedding casual dress for men.

What is Wedding Casual Dress Code?

Wedding casual dress code is a step down from semi-formal and formal attire. It means you can ditch the suit and tie for something more relaxed and comfortable. However, it doesn’t mean you can wear shorts, flip-flops, or a t-shirt. Wedding casual dress code still requires you to dress appropriately and stylishly.

Tips for Wedding Casual Dress for Men

1. Stick to light colors and fabrics. Wedding casual dress code is typically for outdoor or daytime weddings. Therefore, you should avoid dark colors and heavy fabrics that will make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Opt for light-colored shirts, linen pants, or chinos. 2. Choose the right footwear. Avoid sneakers or sandals and instead, go for loafers, boat shoes, or dress boots. Make sure you polish your shoes and wear socks that match your pants. 3. Accessorize smartly. A tie is not required, but you can add a pocket square or a stylish belt to your outfit. Avoid wearing a hat or sunglasses during the ceremony. 4. Layer up. Bring a blazer or a light jacket that matches your pants and shirt. You can wear it during the ceremony and take it off during the reception.

Ideas for Wedding Casual Dress for Men

1. Khaki pants and a white button-up shirt. This classic combination is perfect for a beach or garden wedding. You can roll up your sleeves and add a colorful pocket square for a pop of color. 2. Linen suit. If you want to wear a suit, choose a linen one in light colors like beige, light gray, or light blue. Pair it with a white shirt, brown leather dress shoes, and a patterned tie. 3. Dress pants and a patterned shirt. You can wear dress pants in navy or gray and pair them with a patterned shirt in pastel colors. Add a brown belt and loafers to complete the look.


Wedding casual dress code is all about being comfortable and stylish. Stick to light colors and fabrics, choose the right footwear, accessorize smartly, and layer up. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the celebration.

Wedding Casual Dress for Men: FAQ

1. Can I wear shorts to a wedding with a casual dress code?

No, shorts are not appropriate for a wedding even with a casual dress code. Stick to dress pants or chinos.

2. Can I wear a t-shirt to a wedding with a casual dress code?

No, a t-shirt is too casual for a wedding. Stick to a button-up shirt or a polo shirt.

3. Can I wear sneakers to a wedding with a casual dress code?

No, sneakers are too casual for a wedding. Opt for dress shoes like loafers or dress boots.