Wedding Dress Preservation Cost: How Much Does It Really Cost?

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How Much Does Wedding Dress Preservation Cost?


Congratulations, you’ve tied the knot! After your big day, you might be wondering what to do with your wedding dress. For many brides, the dress holds sentimental value and they want to preserve it for the future. Wedding dress preservation is a great option to ensure your dress stays in top condition for years to come. But, how much does it really cost?

What is Wedding Dress Preservation?

Wedding dress preservation is a process that involves cleaning and storing your dress in a way that will prevent damage and aging. Preservation typically includes removing stains, repairing any damage, and storing the dress in an acid-free box or bag. Preservation can help prevent yellowing, discoloration, and other types of damage.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of wedding dress preservation can vary depending on several factors. The cost can range from $100 to $800 or more. Factors that can affect the cost include the type of preservation, the quality of the materials used, and the location of the preservation service.

Type of Preservation

There are two types of preservation: standard and museum-quality. Standard preservation is the most common and typically involves basic cleaning and storage. Museum-quality preservation is a more specialized service that involves additional steps to ensure the dress is preserved in top condition. Museum-quality preservation can cost more than standard preservation.

Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials used for preservation can also affect the cost. Higher-quality materials, such as acid-free boxes and bags, can cost more but provide better protection for the dress. Cheaper materials may not provide adequate protection and can result in damage to the dress over time.


The location of the preservation service can also affect the cost. Preservation services in larger cities may charge more than those in smaller towns. It’s important to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.

Is Wedding Dress Preservation Worth the Cost?

Many brides feel that wedding dress preservation is worth the cost to ensure their dress stays in top condition. Preservation can help prevent damage and aging, ensuring that the dress can be passed down to future generations. If you plan to sell your dress in the future, preservation can also help maintain its value.


Wedding dress preservation is a great option for brides who want to preserve their dress for the future. The cost can vary depending on several factors, but many brides feel that it’s worth it to ensure their dress stays in top condition. Be sure to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.


How long does wedding dress preservation last?

Wedding dress preservation can last for several decades if done properly. The key is to store the dress in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.

How do I choose a wedding dress preservation service?

When choosing a wedding dress preservation service, look for a company that specializes in wedding dress preservation. Read reviews and ask for references to ensure the company has a good reputation. Be sure to ask about the type of preservation and the materials used.

Can I preserve my wedding dress myself?

While it’s possible to preserve your wedding dress yourself, it’s not recommended. Wedding dress preservation requires specialized equipment and materials that are not readily available to the general public. It’s best to leave preservation to the professionals.