The Joyful Journey Of Wedding Every Weekend Cast

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Hallmark’s Wedding Every Weekend Where It’s Filmed & Cast


Wedding Every Weekend is one of Hallmark’s romantic comedy movies that has captured the hearts of many. The film’s plot revolves around two singles, Nate and Brooke, who meet at a wedding and develop a romantic connection. The movie premiered in 2020 and has become a fan favorite. But, have you ever wondered about the actors behind the characters? Let’s dive into the journey of the Wedding Every Weekend cast.

The Cast

The cast of Wedding Every Weekend consists of some of the most talented actors in the industry. Kimberley Sustad plays Brooke, the lead actress, and is known for her roles in shows like Supernatural, Continuum, and A Bride for Christmas. The male lead, Nate, is played by Paul Campbell, who has appeared in movies like Battlestar Galactica and Once Upon a Time. Also, the movie features Brandi Alexander and Jaime M. Callica, who play Brooke’s best friend and Nate’s friend, respectively.

The Journey of the Cast

The journey of the cast of Wedding Every Weekend has been nothing short of joyful. Kimberley Sustad shared that she had a great time playing the character of Brooke and that the cast had a lot of fun together. She mentioned that they had a dance party on set during one of the scenes, which made the experience even more memorable. Paul Campbell, who played the male lead, Nate, also shared that he had a great time filming the movie. He mentioned that the cast had a great chemistry and that they all got along well. He also shared that the director, Kevin Fair, created a fun and relaxed environment on set, which made the filming process enjoyable.

Behind The Scenes

The behind-the-scenes footage of Wedding Every Weekend shows just how much fun the cast had on set. From dancing to playing games, the cast seemed to have a great time together. The footage also shows how hardworking the actors were, and how they put in a lot of effort to ensure that the movie turned out great.


Wedding Every Weekend has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Many have praised the chemistry between the lead actors, Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell. The movie has been described as a feel-good film that is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tips for Watching

If you’re planning to watch Wedding Every Weekend, here are some tips to make your viewing experience even more enjoyable. Firstly, make sure you have some snacks and drinks on hand. Secondly, get comfortable on the couch and get ready to laugh and smile. Finally, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to watch the movie with you.


Wedding Every Weekend is a movie that will make your heart sing with joy. The cast’s journey has been a fun and memorable one, and their hard work has paid off with the movie’s positive reviews. If you’re looking for a feel-good romantic comedy to watch, then Wedding Every Weekend is the perfect choice.


Who plays the lead roles in Wedding Every Weekend?

Kimberley Sustad plays Brooke, and Paul Campbell plays Nate.

What is Wedding Every Weekend about?

Wedding Every Weekend is a romantic comedy movie about two singles who meet at a wedding and develop a romantic connection.

When was Wedding Every Weekend released?

Wedding Every Weekend premiered in 2020.

Who directed Wedding Every Weekend?

Kevin Fair directed Wedding Every Weekend.

Where can I watch Wedding Every Weekend?

Wedding Every Weekend is available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now and Amazon Prime Video.