Welcome Bags For Wedding Guests: Tips And Ideas

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Reusable Bags For Wedding Guests Personalized Wedding Ideas

As couples prepare for their big day, one of the things they take into consideration is making their guests feel welcome and appreciated. One way to do this is by giving out welcome bags, also known as swag bags, to their guests. These bags are a thoughtful gesture that can make a huge difference in how guests perceive the wedding and the couple’s hospitality. Here are some tips and ideas for creating welcome bags for wedding guests.

What to include in the welcome bags?

The contents of the welcome bags should be tailored to the wedding, the guests, and the budget. It is important to strike a balance between practical and fun items. Here are some things that can be included:

1. Personalized items

Personalized items are a great way to make guests feel special and appreciated. These can include customized tote bags, water bottles, sunglasses, or keychains with the couple’s name or wedding date on them.

2. Snacks and drinks

Guests will appreciate having some snacks and drinks to munch on when they arrive at the hotel or venue. These can include bottled water, energy bars, trail mix, or chocolates.

3. Local treats

If the wedding is in a different city or country, including local treats can be a nice touch. These can be regional snacks, candies, or drinks that are unique to the area.

4. Maps and guides

Guests who are unfamiliar with the area will find it helpful to have maps and guides to nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities. This can include a list of the couple’s favorite places to eat, drink, or visit in the area.

5. Pampering items

Guests may need some pampering after a long journey or a night of celebration. Including items like travel-sized toiletries, face masks, or mini candles can help guests relax and feel refreshed.

How to present the welcome bags?

The presentation of the welcome bags is just as important as the contents. Here are some ideas for presenting the bags:

1. In-room delivery

If the budget allows, delivering the bags to guests’ hotel rooms is a nice touch. This can be arranged with the hotel staff or a wedding planner.

2. At the reception

The welcome bags can be placed at the reception venue for guests to pick up as they arrive. This can be a nice surprise for guests who were not expecting it.

3. Personal handout

If the guest list is small, the bags can be handed out personally by the couple or the wedding party. This adds a personal touch and allows the couple to thank their guests in person.


Welcome bags are a great way to show gratitude and hospitality to wedding guests. By including personalized items, snacks, local treats, maps, and pampering items, couples can create a memorable experience for their guests. The presentation of the bags can also add to the overall experience. Regardless of how the bags are presented, guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.


What is the purpose of welcome bags?

Welcome bags are a way to show appreciation and hospitality to wedding guests. They can make guests feel special and valued, and can enhance the overall experience of the wedding.

How much should I spend on welcome bags?

The budget for welcome bags depends on the number of guests, the contents of the bags, and the presentation. Couples should aim to strike a balance between practical and fun items, and should keep in mind their overall wedding budget.

What are some unique items to include in welcome bags?

Unique items to include in welcome bags can range from regional snacks and drinks to personalized items like keychains or sunglasses. Couples can also include items like maps, guides, or pampering items to help guests relax and enjoy their stay.